Our Mission is to Support Creators Around the World

Our divisions share a deep understanding of rights clearance requirements, best-in-class licensing capabilities that allow us to maximize the value of the IP we own and represent, and industry-leading expertise in technology that enables accurate, cost-effective administration of music IP.
Performing Rights
At SESAC we’ve always been a powerful partner supporting creators and rightsholders. Whether you’re a singer-songwriter, composer or publisher, when working with SESAC Performing Rights you benefit from the deepest expertise in the collection and distribution of performance royalties and a team that always puts creators first.
Bank On It
License the best music for your business with SESAC – thousands of businesses large and small license with us – and have for over 90 years.
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Music Services
The Music Services division is a collection of world-class companies providing a wide range of technology, licensing, and administration services for creators, publishers, record labels, and music users. No-one can match our expertise, experience, data services, and trusted industry relationships. Let us show you the doors we can open for you. With Music Services, the possibilities are endless.
An Industry-leading Technology Platform for Independent Record Labels and Rightsholders
AudioSalad is an unparalleled metadata and media asset management, delivery, and distribution platform for the music and entertainment industries. It has become the indispensable choice to maximize reach and revenue for a growing global roster of artists, record labels, and distributors.
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Your Digital Music Royalty Collection Agency
Audiam is a leading digital royalty collection agency for the world’s top music publishers and record labels. The seasoned team leverages big data and strong relationships to find digital music royalties on user-generated content platforms and in other hard to reach places, and deliver them back to publishers.
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Simplify and Streamline Music Rights and Royalties
HFA is America’s premiere mechanical licensing institution providing timely, efficient mechanical rights management and royalty distribution services while meeting the changing needs of music distributors, songwriters and publishers.​
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Worldwide Digital Licensing for Music Publishers and Rightsholders
Mint Digital Services is the joint venture between SESAC, and the Swiss collective management organization, SUISA. The companies work together to administer licenses to use musical compositions in multi-territorial online music services on behalf of publishers, CMOs and IMEs.
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An Independent Music Administration Company for Record Labels and Publishers
Music Services is a leading independent music administration company. Through its high-touch client service and proprietary licensing and royalty management database system, the team provides comprehensive back office solutions for both independent music publishing and record labels. ​
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Music Licensing and Rights Administration for Business
Rumblefish delivers music rights management to businesses to help them stay focused on growth. Rumblefish is used by leading digital businesses and brands. With decades of expertise, the team at Rumblefish has deep knowledge of music licensing, data management and royalty administration. Music Rights, Simplified.
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A Global Digital Music Collection Agency
SESAC Digital Licensing negotiates global, multi-territorial license agreements with online service providers on behalf of writers, publishers and collection societies for territories outside the United States and provides administration services through its partner MINT Digital Services. SESAC Digital licensing will also supplement the matching performing rights from the SESAC repertoire and from other angloamerican societies through the SESAC/SUISA network.
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The Easy Way to License Cover Songs for Independent Creators
SongFile helps creators and artists license cover songs for physical and digital formats such as CDs, downloads, ringtones and streams. SongFile provides a self-service portal for creators to search for and license all songs directly through a comprehensive database and pay directly through the online portal.
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Audiovisual Music
In the Audiovisual Music division, our focus is quality, craft and dedicated service. Our team provides the best original, high-quality music for broadcasters, brands and creators everywhere. Our success is driven by clear and simple licensing, as well as the creativity, talent and breadth of our roster.
Music for TV, Video, Enterprise and Advertising
Audio Network is a leading global provider of original, high-quality music for media productions, agencies and brands through its seamless sync licensing and consulting services. Whether searching for an Epic Orchestral score or Pop, Hip Hop and Latin Music, Audio Network spans every genre imaginable in its constantly expanding catalogue of original music.
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Church Music Resources
The Church Music Resources division exists to empower worship by providing affordable and legal content, resources and media. We enable simplified access for the Christian community to locate and license affordable media and content resources and reduce the administration involved in music usage and compliance.
Empowering Worship Through Affordable Legal Content, Resources and Media
Christian Copyright Licensing International or CCLI enables real-time access to licensed Christian music and media while at once easing the burden of administration in the many complex issues related to copyright.​
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Simplifying Church Copyright Compliance
CCS is a leading authority on church music rights, providing performance licensing solutions that give churches the freedom to legally play, perform and stream more than 28 million Christian, secular, and holiday songs across all genres.
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Tracks for Worship Made Easy
Loop provides worship leaders with quality and affordable tracks, hardware, software and training so they can create dynamic content and focus on what matters most to their community.​
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Applications That Elevate Church Presentations
Worship tools provides a fully customized tool set for worship leaders to present, plan and program songs and videos for their churches.
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