Dixson on Collaborating with Beyonce: ‘I’m Honored…’

SESAC Affiliate Dixson on Collaborating with Beyonce on ‘Be Alive’: ‘I’m Honored for the Recognition That the Song Has Gotten’

How was “Be Alive” created?

Dixson: Be Alive was created with about 80% live instrumentation and 20% electronic drum programming. I took it as far as I could get it and then I sent the demo to Beyonce’s team. They came back with her incredible vocals and it changed my entire approach. She is such an amazing lyricist, vocalist and producer that I had to go in and do some re‐production after hearing the energy her vocals brought to the record.

What did you learn the most from working with Beyoncé on “Be Alive”?

Dixson: I really learned to let the collaborative process be the guiding force for creativity. Because I wasn’t always able to work in the same room with her, I had to make some educated guesses about what she might like and it sharpened my ear as a producer and as a songwriter.