Audio Network Partners with GRAMMY®-winning Composer Lorne Balfe to Create Definitive Blockbuster Hollywood Collection

High-powered collaboration yields definitive collection of albums embodying the sound of blockbuster scores

LOS ANGELES, July 12, 2023 — Audio Network, the industry-leading independent music company for film, TV advertising and brands, has announced the release of the first six albums in a groundbreaking collaboration with Hollywood film composer Lorne Balfe and the team at 14th Street Music.

GRAMMY®-winning Composer Lorne Balfe
GRAMMY®-winning Composer Lorne Balfe

With albums recorded and produced around the globe – and including the world’s finest studios and industry-leading musicians – The Lorne Balfe Collection from Audio Network brings together a shared commitment to crafting authentic music of the highest quality.

“We chose Audio Network because of its passion for recording with live musicians, which is very rare in the production music industry,” said Balfe. “There’s a purity and an honesty to Audio Network. They’re always focused on the best, and that means using a live orchestra and recording at legendary studios.”

With genre-defining cinematic themes, The Lorne Balfe Collection expands upon the rich heritage of Epic Orchestral recordings within the Audio Network catalog. From deeply atmospheric pieces designed for psychological drama, to textured, hybrid pieces evoking epic sci-fi vistas and dystopian worlds, Lorne and his team have crafted the real sound of Hollywood.

“We are thrilled to be partnered with Lorne and his talented collective to craft this definitive collection of Epic Orchestral music, which I know will inspire our customers,” said Ali Johnson, Chief Creative Officer at Audio Network. “Lorne helped create this genre of film scoring, and now it’s available exclusively from Audio Network.”

Stay tuned for more to come as the collaboration continues, with additional albums being produced later this year that further explore new directions in Hollywood film scoring.

About Audio Network
Audio Network is an audiovisual music company creating original, high-quality music for broadcasters, brands, creators, and music fans everywhere. From Hollywood to YouTube, Coca-Cola to Vice, it has helped to tell some of the world’s most iconic stories. With an expansive roster of 1,000+ renowned composers, respected singer-songwriters and known and emerging artists worldwide, the Audio Network catalogue spans every imaginable genre and mood.

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