SESAC Music Group Partners with Five Leading Southeast Asian Collection Societies to Form Multi-Territorial Digital Licensing Hub

The formation of the Asian Alliance Music Rights Organization (AAMRO) marks a significant leap forward for the Asian Music Industry

(New York, NY – July 19, 2023) CEOs of five Asian collection societies and SESAC Music Group announced today a historic collaboration for the music industry in Asia with the formation of The Asian Alliance Music Rights Organization (AAMRO), a music rights hub established to manage music licensing and royalty distribution of the combined repertories of FILSCAP (Philippines), WAMI (Indonesia), MACP (Malaysia), MCT (Thailand), and VCPMC (Vietnam). This landmark initiative will be headquartered in Liechtenstein, a strategic location to oversee multi-territorial digital licensing and royalty distribution for the communication and making available of the combined repertoire throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

In this transformative move, AAMRO will be supported and administered by MINT Digital Services, a joint venture of SESAC and SUISA. This partnership further fortifies AAMRO’s position as a cutting-edge, technology-driven organization, poised to thrive in the digital era and cater to the evolving needs of music consumers.

AAMRO: Paving the Way for a Vibrant Music Ecosystem

Representatives from all parties involved expressed their enthusiasm and optimism about the opportunities that AAMRO will present.

The members of AAMRO shared in a joint statement “We firmly believe in the power of music to transcend borders and connect people from different cultures. This collaboration opens up new avenues for our talented Asian music authors to reach a global audience and ensures that they receive fair compensation for the usage of their works outside of Asia. By leveraging this collaboration, we are committed to unlocking the full potential of Asian music authors and showcasing the rich diversity of our musical heritage to audiences worldwide.”

“We are excited about this new chapter and look forward to working closely with AAMRO, MINT Digital Services, and our fellow Asian affiliated societies to drive positive change and promote the interests of our valued music authors.”

“As a long-time collaborator with all the Asian collection societies, I am thrilled that we are joining forces to create an organization dedicated to expanding music licensing and administration of their musical works outside the region. It is critical that we support Asian music creators and publishers with best-in-class data matching, licensing, and administration services outside of Asia to increase royalties and enhance the careers of these talented songwriters and composers,” said Alexander Wolf, President, International at SESAC Music Group.

Fabian Niggemeier, CEO of Mint Digital Services added “It is our aim to provide our partners with state-of-the-art technology solutions and with a personalized customer experience and we are looking forward to collaborating with AAMRO.”

Through seamless collaboration and streamlined operations, AAMRO aims to elevate the Asian music industry to new heights and ensure that artists, composers, and rightsholders receive fair compensation and protection for their creative works. This collaboration reflects a shared vision to create a sustainable and dynamic music industry, where creativity is nurtured, and the value of music is recognized and celebrated.


The Asian Alliance Music Rights Organization (AAMRO) is a pioneering music rights entity headquartered in Liechtenstein. Comprising the joint efforts of FILSCAP (Philippines), WAMI (Indonesia), MACP (Malaysia), MCT (Thailand), and VCPMC (Vietnam), AAMRO is dedicated to managing music licensing and royalty distribution of its combined repertoires. Supported by MINT Digital Services, AAMRO is well-equipped to thrive in the digital age while nurturing the growth and recognition of music creators in Asia and beyond.

About Mint Digital Services

Mint Digital Services is the alliance between the only U.S. Music Rights Organization (MRO), SESAC, and the Swiss collective management organization, SUISA. Mint is one of the leading administrators for licenses to use musical compositions in online music services on behalf of publishers, Collective-Management Organizations (CMOs) or Independent Management Entities (IMEs).

About SESAC Music Group

SESAC Music Group is a global, multi-line music company that provides a wide range of data, technology and services to publishers, songwriters, composers and creators across every corner of the music industry. With its four divisions including Performing Rights, Music Services, Audiovisual Music, and Church Resources, SESAC Music Group drives efficiency in licensing for music users and is home to a wide array of world-class music companies. 

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